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Family Law

The spousal relationship is a fiduciary relationship subject to the same rights and duties that apply to non-marital business partners.  The marriage relationship is also fluid and changes with the passage of time.  For example: children are born; a successful career is developed while one parent acts as a stay-at-home parent; a business is established and operated by one spouse; a home or other investment property is acquired; vehicles and other personal property are accumulated; pensions and retirement accounts are funded; debts are incurred; and inheritance or gifts are received.


In simple terms, life happens and when the marriage partnership is subject to dissolution, the complex issues presented require proper identification, investigation and analysis in order to best advise the client on available options and appropriate recommendations.


Care, confidence, preparation and a willingness to work hard for a client in an effort to best achieve a client's reasonable goals, whether through negotiation, mediation, or trial, has been Keller, Weber & Dobrott's standard business practice in Orange County for over 35 years.